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        Our selection of shower water filters will remove chlorine and all other chemicals from water so that your skin and hair is soft and heathy after each shower. With oxidants removed from the water that flows from your shower, dryness and irritation become problems of the past as essential skin and hair proteins aren’t whitewashed during showers.

        Our range of shower filter units can be attached to any bath or shower within seconds, saving the need to change your shower head, while filtration occurs in-line. We also stock filter cartridges that will last for a good six months, providing you with superb, long-lasting value.

        Enjoy healthier skin with our range of shower water filters

        These shower filters are perfect for people with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis, as the removal of chlorine prevents your skin from becoming harmed. Even if you don’t have skin conditions, you will be left with a nourishing feeling from your shower as the skin’s natural proteins are preserved by the filtration of oxidants.

        If you want a shower filter that will reduce 99.9% of chlorine and up to 98% of water-soluble metals, thus minimising damage to your hair and skin, then choose from our magnificent selection below.

        Buy shower water filters in Ireland from The Water Filter Men.

        Shower Water Filters (5)

        Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge 2 pack (1 Years Supply)


        Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge 4 Pack (2 Years Supply)


        Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge 1 pack (6 Month Supply)


        Inline Shower Water Filter Chrome


        Inline Shower Water Filter White

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