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        We stock a range of water filter media for numerous kinds of water treatment applications, including activated carbon and polyphosphate crystals. You can purchase either in small quantities for domestic usage or in bulk for commercial water filtration systems; simply choose the quantity that you need for replacing exhausted media in your filtration system.

        Water filtration media that protects your pipes and appliances

        Our selection of water filtration media will protect your pipes and appliances from corrosion damage and prevent the build-up of scale. We also have filtration media which purify your drinking water so that you’re left with fresh water on tap and can also purify large-scale ponds and aquariums.

        Check out our full range of water filter media below – all available at magnificent prices!

        Buy water filtration media from The Water Filter Men today

        Water Filter Media (4)

        Polyphosphate Crystals


        Activated Carbon Granules


        DI Resin for 0 TDS Deionisation Resin Media


        Snow Clear De-icing salt 8KG

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