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        Buy Water Cooler Filters & Systems Online for Homes in Ireland

        The Water Filter Men are leading supplier of mains connected water coolers in Ireland. These types of water coolers are extremely cost effective and are a great way to ensure clean, healthy and cool water for your place of business, be it an office, gym or dental surgery.

        Water cooling systems for home

        Our water coolers provide chilled and room temperature filtered water options from the chilled and room temperature nozzles. As they are connected to the mains, they are the most inexpensive way of providing cool filtered water to your office, gym or home since there is no continuous cost of replacing bottled water. In addition, all parts are included for immediate installation which includes the feed water connection valve and tubing.

        Why Choose Us for Water Coolers in Ireland?

        The Water Filter Men are experts in the field of water purification. We have been in the business for many years and have an expansive knowledge of the technology and equipment on the market. You can be assured that all of the water coolers available on our online store are of the highest standard and offer great value to our customers. Should you require any help with choosing a suitable solution for your needs, we are only too happy to assist. We are always just a phone call or email away. You can contact us on 00353 429 326 673 (from the UK) or 0429 326 673 (from ROI) and email us at

        The Water Filter Men – Premier Choice for Water Coolers in Ireland


        Water Coolers (5)

        Mains Fed Free Standing Water Cooler Deluxe


        Water Cooler 6month Replacement Filter Set


        Mains Fed Counter Top Water Cooler Deluxe


        Water Cooler Replacement Filter Cartridge 6 month Set


        Take Your Hydration to the Next Level with Our State-of-the-Art Water Cooler Dispensers

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